Home Cyber Protection Coverage

We live in a connected but highly vulnerable world. People rely on home security cameras, smart appliances, and online shopping each day. However, these systems may allow cyber attackers to infiltrate the home, steal information and identities, extort money, commit fraud and disrupt lives.

Home Cyber Protection coverage is a suite of innovative cyber coverages and services designed to protect today’s families from these ever-present perils.

Cyber Coverage

Coverage Highlights:

Section 1 - Cyber Attack

  • Data Recovery Costs: Cost of a professional firm hired to replace electronic data that has been lost or corrupted
  • System Restoration Costs: Cost of a professional firm to restore the computing or connected home device to its level of functionality before the cyber attack. This includes the replacement or reinstallation of software programs, removal of malicious code and the reconfiguration of the device or system

Section 2 - Cyber Extortion

  • Professional assistance from a subject matter expert for advice and consultation on how to best respond to a threat
  • Cyber extortion response costs: Payment as directed to the extortion threat, when payment is approved in advance and incurred as the direct result of a cyber extortion event

Section 3- Online Fraud

  • The direct financial loss to an insured as the result of a fraud event involving a computing or connected home device including but not limited to identity theft, unauthorized use of a card, card number, or account number in an insured’s name, or forgery of a check

Section 4 – Data Breach

  • Includes costs associated with forensic IT and legal reviews as well as notification and recovery services when private nonbusiness data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen, or published

Section 5 - Identity Recovery

  • Case Management Service: Provide services of an identity recovery case manager to respond to identity theft
  • Costs Coverage: Reasonable and necessary identity theft costs, such as legal fees, notary fees and credit bureau reports approved by the insurance company in connection with specific legal proceedings